Foods for Healing

                                           HEALING WITH FOOD

Did you know that Asthma, Arthritis, ADD, Cancer, Diabetes, Digestion, Heart Disease, Hormonal/Weight, Pain, and More Have All Been REVERSED Using Food Based Protocols? (Read More Here)

The exciting facts are that you can use natural foods to prevent, manage, reduce, and many claim even reverse physical and mental ailments!

We, at Foods4healing, have compiled an extensive list of product offerings that are of the highest quality - of living, vegan, organic, or wild crafted foods and supplements.

Our suppliers are dedicated to a belief that they can conduct business and at the same time, protect and respect the earth and its ways.  This collective mindset manifests itself in many ways.  All of the companies that we work with are dedicated to providing goods that enhance health and well-being.  Some pride themselves in their support for small organic family farms, both here and overseas; many are committed to sustainable living and eco-friendly production practices; and proudly, one of our suppliers is a Green America certified green business! Wow.

Foods4healing is interested in education.  As such, we will build a healing foods resource e-library of articles and research outcomes as time permits. 

Please check back often, as our product line is continuing to grow.

Thank you in advance for your patronage and ... to your health!


Dr. Diane

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